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Helping Brands reach their full Growth Potential

Providing Today's Marketing Leaders with Actionable Plans Designed to Drive Growth

Our Services
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Our Services
We partner with clients to confront today’s complex growth and marketing challenges. We then apply a unique approach to manage multiple moving parts, deliver meaningful, customized growth plans, and meet measurable outcomes.
Grey Limbo
8 dimensions of growth marketing services

A Unique Model Merging
8 Key Dimensions

Customer Journey Mapping

Brand Experience & Storytelling

Omnichannel Marketing

Products & Services

Data & Personalization

Tools & Capabilities

Talent & Engagement

Agility in Execution


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Our Approach

Transformative Experiences that Deliver on Your Growth Agenda

At the heart of our approach is a holistic lens through which eight key dimensions are applied.  We then deliver actionable plans with measurable outcomes that help marketing leaders drive growth, while keeping customers at the forefront every step of the way. What makes us unique is our ability to tie it all together by providing meaningful growth plans customized to fit your business reality.

By taking a dimensional view, marketers are better equipped to deliver customer-centered marketing strategies and integrated brand experiences that drive growth.

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Something About Us 

Growthential is uniquely positioned to meet the ever-changing role of today’s senior marketing executives. 
Those who are not only required to achieve marketing results today, but are also having greater influence on non-marketing functions and taking increased responsibility for driving long-term business growth. We provide marketing leaders with actionable insights, to help meet current marketing needs, as well as anticipate the future, to prepare for what lies ahead. 


Growthential is a consultagency – offering both consulting services to help you shape your strategies, and hands-on agency expertise to help you activate them in market.  

We seamlessly offer blended experience from both the enterprise and agency-side of our industry. A combination of well-balanced, comprehensive  minds and skillsets.  This ensures that our team understands all the client’s challenges, strategically, operationally, as well as maintaining an agile mindset of responsiveness and collaboration.  For our clients, it provides them with the organizational ambidexterity to navigate the complexities impacting their business goals today, while driving long-term growth for tomorrow.   


Leaders, practitioners, real-world, hands-on experience, that’s who we are.  Our clients know we understand, and they trust us.  We get it.  We’ve lived it, and we know what it takes to get it done.

Christopher DeSantis Cofounder and President of Growthential a Growth Marketing Company

Christopher DeSantis

Cofounder & President

"My philosophy on how I live each
day has never changed: to always put
my client's needs before my own
and approach everything I do with unwavering focus, passion,
and commitment."

Melissa Wall Chief Marketing Strategist of Growthential a Growth Marketing Company

Melissa Wall

Chief Marketing Strategist

“I’m passionate about helping companies fuel their growth by creating and implementing a client-centered marketing strategy focused on three pivotal elements: customer engagement, client experience and campaign evaluation.” 

Dr. Frederick Barber Strategic Partner of Growthential a Growth Marketing Company

Dr. Frederick Barber

Insights & Analytics Lead

"I'm a data geek with the rare ability to translate complex, quantitative insights into actionable strategic decisions. I can build a logistic regression model, but I can also explain to a CMO what it means and how using it can help their business. A while back, a creative director for a big, Chicago agency handed me a note in a client presentation that read, 'Dude, you know your sh**!'  That's one of the highest compliments I've ever received."

Glen Coward 12-17-1800412-1.jpg

Glenn Coward

Business & Marketing Technology Partner 

“I believe that life is a wonderful adventure, filled with opportunities to build relationships and accomplish amazing things. As with any adventure, it is often the risks, challenges and huge efforts that provide meaning and pull people together to accomplish things that really matter - things that they thought were impossible. It's those special moments when a team of individual contributors work together, commit themselves to a larger goal and become more than the sum of their individual abilities that drives me most. With the right team, anything is possible.” 


Gabryel Cosanni

CRM Engagement Lead

“My passion lies in helping brands deliver the ultimate customer experience. Creating order out of data chaos to identify areas where businesses can continually add value and address the needs and wants of their customers. Driven to build strategies and roadmaps that deliver the ultimate customer experience, leveraging customer intelligence to influence optimization and change.” 

Lynda Koster Cofounder and Managing Partner of Growthential a Growth Marketing Company

Lynda Koster

Cofounder & Managing Partner

“Being a natural problem solver, builder, and a life-long learner, I have a passion for bringing my clients' visions to life.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping a company, institution, or CMO to achieve their goals. I've surrounded myself with creativity my entire life. Bringing that delicate balance of creativity and problem-solving, not only into every business challenge but also into my everyday life, is what gets me up in the morning.” 

Jeffrey P Creative Strategist and Experience Aesthetician of Growthential a Growth Marketing Company

Jeffrey P

Creative Strategy & Experience Lead

"Any creative worth mastering, regardless of channel, should always come from the brand truth. It should  elicit a feeling, deepen engagement, and motivate action when called upon."

Chuck Guss Chief Financial Officer of Growthential a Growth Marketing Company

Chuck Guss

Chief Financial Officer

"Finance, Accounting and Administration requires focus and commitment. Keeping profit and cash flow for a company as the primary goal, while timely responding to external and internal client needs."

Lindsay DiMeglio_02.JPG

Lindsay Dimeglio

Digital Account Director

“I am a believer that constantly setting the bar high fuels perpetual growth and creativity. I have an overwhelming passion and curiosity to explore and bring-to-life new & innovative ideas that connect brands (and products) to people.  In order to achieve this, one must break down the barriers to truly understand how something works, what the problem is and how to solve it, and the overall value it brings to the table. Not everything is black and white.”  

Kathleen McCaughey Client Services Associate of Growthential a Growth Marketing Company

Kathleen McCaughey

Client Services

"I am inspired by creativity and perpetually searching for inspiration from the world around me. This helps me to find new and different ways to solving problems with my team, and for my clients. My eternal optimism helps me to approach each challenge with a search for the silver lining."

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Our Approach
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