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The Realities of Implementing Innovation and Reshaping Our Skill Sets

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Professionals at all stages of their careers can relate to the complexities of reshaping their (our) skill sets as we explore different ways to meet the demands of today while building bridges for the future.

This includes expanding our view, continuously learning new things, connecting the old to the new, leveraging past experiences, and equally as important – doing some “unlearning” along the way as well. This all seems necessary if we are to become more innovative at a time that requires us to enter into a world filled with new dynamics and a certain level of uncertainty.

For many of us, the last few years have required a different kind of exploration in order to identify the multiple forces at work, while gaining a better understanding of their implications. And with that, generating new ways to apply different approaches to learning, collaboration, and innovation through experimentation.

As exciting as this may be to many of us in conversation, there is a reality when you roll up your sleeves and get right in there to do it. “It," being considering an idea and then making the movements toward, and in, execution.  

And, as we implement innovation and experiment in a “live” environment, we need to be prepared for a new level of vulnerability, humility, and tension that gets introduced – especially when things don’t go as planned, a mistake is made or something unforeseen has occurred.

As we move forward and face the inherent uncertainties, it's crucial to not only embrace new methods but also to manage risks thoughtfully. Balancing our drive for change with a keen eye on risk management ensures that our journey towards reshaping skills and exploring new possibilities is both bold and sustainable. This approach allows us to navigate the complexities of today's dynamic world, fostering growth and success in our personal and professional lives.

~Lynda Koster


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